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Hôtel Le Clos Saint-Louis in Quebec City, Canada

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When we sat down with Ghislaine Donais, the owner of the 18-room luxury hotel located in the the heart of Old Québec, she was looking to upgrade her outdated simple English and French-language website and increase the pool of potential clients. 


Compared with the original website, the new pages that we designed for Le Clos integrated more visual elements, including professionally shot photos and expertly designed Flash animation files. We sought to maintain the website’s original mix of deep yellow, burgundy red and café brown shades, at the same time, enhancing the website’s delicate aesthetic appearance by choosing a subtle tea set pattern, highlighting the distinct characteristics of the hotel.


We extended the prospect base for the hotel by adding Spanish, Italian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese-language versions of the site. With Chinese now the third most spoken language across Canada, attested by large Chinese communities in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, and with the number of Chinese speakers having already surpassed the number of French speakers across Canada outside of Quebec, adding Chinese is an ahead of the curve move for this client. Feedback from the owner tells us that, within weeks of launching the site, Chinese Canadians have been calling and booking rooms in the hotel.

The high satisfaction rating of the hotel gave us and the property owner the confidence to integrate travelers’ comments on the hotel from TripAdvisor directly into a testimonial web page on the site.


An extensive “places of interest” page, with a depth of content rivaling that of the Quebec City government website’s tourism page is certain to boost traffic to the site.  The Italian and Chinese-language versions of the “places of interest” page are, by default, the only complete tourist guides to Quebec in those two languages, making these two pages virtual destination sites, certain to drive quality traffic to the site, with an anticipated high conversion rate.


As strong believers in the Link Economy, across the “places of interest” page, we added extensive links to informative third party sites, including relevant Wikipedia pages, rendering the “places of interest” page a true Wikipedia style source of information page for anyone interested in the history of and tourism attractions in and around Quebec City.  The kind of visitors we hope to attract as a result of these links are ideal clients for the property.

The walking (when under 20 minutes walk) or driving time is indicated for each place of interest, with a link to the in-language Google map with relevant walking or driving instructions from the hotel.


The Electronic Postcard is an online application on the site, allowing visitors to choose their preferred pictures of the hotel, display the selected pictures on online postcards, and email the postcards to families and friends, spreading word of the hotel.


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