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Case Study

  • Hôtel Le Clos Saint-Louis in Quebec City
  • NLLuxe French Living in Paris

Our Hotel Website Solution

Pronto Hotel Marketing offers a customized solution tailored not only to the special needs of the hospitality trade but also to the unique qualities and features of your property.


You can choose any or all of the elements of our offering based on your needs


Design and creation of new website

Based on your input and ideas, we will create a website incorporating the latest in website design, UI-based Javascript/DHTML programming and FLASH presentation to bring out the unique and salient qualities of your property.  Whether it be the beauty of the seaside or rural location, the majesty of a Victorian decor or the coolness of a uniquely modern interior, our website and FLASH presentation experts can work from your best photographs to enhance your properties special features and put them front and center when potential guests visit your website.


Multilingual versions of the web property

Many companies provide web development and management services - Pronto Hotel Marketing focuses on the special needs of the hospitality property owner.  By the very nature of the trade, hospitality property owners depend on guests from many countries and these potential guests feel more comfortable finding out about the unique and differentiating qualities of your property in their own language.  We will work with you to determine what languages will provide the most reward by looking at the demographics of travelers and tourists to your area, and suggest a set of languages to maximize traffic.  We work with professional translators who have experience in hospitality industry translation to provide the highest quality local language version of your website.


Search engine optimization

We will optimize the website in each language for search engines including working with you on finding the right terms and expressions that should be present in the headlines and key paragraphs to maximize page rankings based on typical key word searches related to your website.


Booking engine

We can provide an optimized multilingual hotel booking engine or seamlessly link to your current booking engine including localization of the booking engine pages into each language


Traffic builder pages

We work with you to build out events/places of interest pages with detailed descriptions of local events and tourist attractions.  Well designed, search engine optimized places of interest pages bring quality traffic to the site: visitors who have landed on your pages initially to learn more about the local event or place of interest have high conversion rates as they also need a place to stay during their visit to your area.  Plus the higher traffic numbers has another benefit – traffic numbers are a factor in how search engines rank sites, with the result that the increase will improve the ranking of your site on all the popular search engines.


Mobile version of key web pages

With more and more people doing their web surfing on their Blackberry, iPhone or smartphone, mobilized versions of key web pages including ability to complete a booking through a wireless device is becoming a must for the hotel owner.  We can provide the mobilized versions of these pages including the ability to book a room at your hotel right on their phone.


TripAdvisor testimonials integrated into the website
We can capture guests’ comments on TripAdvisor and display them directly on a web page on your site, creating an endless fully integrated list of testimonials.  We can create such a page for each of your website’s languages.


Links to social media

A blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account are becoming necessary tools of any hotel owner who wishes to maintain high visibility for his hotel across the internet.  For those owners who maintain their own social media pages, we provide well-placed links on the website.  For owners who need these services but do not wish to maintain them, we link up our clients with expert firms who specialize in maintaining social media services for the hospitality industry.


Multilingual versions of printed collateral
We can provide print-ready versions in multiple languages of hotel brochures, menus, hotel room service guides, bathroom signs, fire emergency instructions and any other necessary collateral.


Customized content management system

We can include a customized content management system so that you can change images and text according to changes in the conditions of the property or periodically change the images according to the seasons or holidays and festivals – as an example: snow-covered scenery as winter approaches, flowers in full bloom for the spring, lush greenery for the summer, leaves falling for the autumn


Customization according to your needs

Our expert web developers can create and deploy any idea or concept that you have.  Let us know what you have in mind.


Give us a call or drop us an email if you are interested in our unique web presence solutions for your hotel property.

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